Those guys look cool, but one race they should add is a Ape/Gorilla race that is playable. Have a ability simular to the Worgen's Running Wild and have boosted attack when you use fist weapons. But with another new race a 3rd planet would need to be added, or a new continent of Draenor can be added, since we don't really know much about Draenor other than the Orc continent, there could be lots of other races that were all killed when Draenor was destroyed. Or if a 3rd planet was "created" there could be at least 10 new races, then we wouldn't need to see the same old Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls, etc as enemys. There could be the normal 5-10 leveling zones (like 100-105/100-110) and then have 2 large citys (Alliance and Horde) with at least 2 1-20 leveling zones around them.

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